The British Underground Press of the Sixties Exhibition

28 September –
4 November, 2017
A22 Gallery,
London, EC1
+44(0)207 278 3029

In 1966 the first British underground newspaper International Times was launched, and started a news media revolution. After IT came Oz, and then Friends (which became Frendz), Gandalf’s Garden, Black Dwarf and Ink. While IT revolutionised the editorial stance and style of newspapers, OZ soon brought to the attention of thousands the UK’s burgeoning psychedelic art scene, employing artists and designers who used vibrant colours, materials and esoteric ideas to create posters, clothes, lightshows and art installations.

Oddly, the influence and impact of the underground press has largely been neglected or undervalued, but as this groundbreaking exhibition demonstrates, without the underground press there may well have been no British counterculture. On display are the covers of every British underground publication that launched in the 1960s, including the comic books that grew out of the papers. There are also various examples of the graphics, ads, posters and flyers produced by each publication at the time.

A22 Gallery
22 Laystall Street
London EC1R 4PA
(between Rosebery Avenue and Clerkenwell Road)
Closest tube: Chancery Lane
Buses: 19/38/55.

Exhibition Dates: 28 September – 4 November 2017
Open Thursday to Saturdays, 12pm–6pm
Last admission 45 minutes before closing
Free entry