The British Underground Press of the Sixties

In 1966 Barry Miles and John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins decided to start a newspaper. They called it International Times and launched it in April. It was the first British underground newspaper, and began a news media revolution.

This catalogue displays the covers of every British underground paper that launched in the 1960s: International Times, Oz, Friends/Frendz, Gandalf’s Garden, Black Dwarf and Ink. It also includes the comic books that grew out of the papers, and various examples of the graphics, ads, posters and flyers produced by each publication. There will be 100 limited edition Groovy Deluxe sets of the catalogue housed in a box with each with an original 1960s issue of IT , Oz and Friends, an original Oz Janis Jopiln poster and is also signed and numbered by the authors.

The British Underground Press of the Sixties

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    For the first time ever

    The whole British underground press of the 1960s gathered in one publication.

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    A major exhibition

    Accompanies a major exhibition of the covers and artwork of the underground press.

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    strictly limited edition

    The strictly limited edition comes with authentic copies of IT, Oz and Friends from the 1960s.

One Book, Two Editions

Catalogue edition


  • Over 220 page hardback
  • Every British underground paper and magazine cover included
  • Includes rare illustrative materials
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The Authors

Barry Miles was a founder of IT and is the author of more than 50 books, including best-selling biographies of William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Frank Zappa and Charles Bukowski. His In The Sixties Illustrated is published by Rocket 88 Books. Miles lives in London and France. 

James Birch is an art dealer, curator and London gallery owner. Discovering the underground press in the 1960s ‘blew his mind’, and he began collecting issues when still a boy. Some of his collection are featured in the catalogue.

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“Beautifully packaged, eruditely written and full of insight … Barrett feels like the ultimate work of art”



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In The Sixties

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“A thing of beauty… flush with new information… it should send any reader dashing back to the music”



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